HK defense was started by Ho-Ho-Kus, Incorporated, an aerospace parts manufacturer, because of their difficulty in navigating the complex world of government contracting. With several manufacturing locations and a busy production schedule, no one had the time or inclination to figure out how to effectively do business with the federal government. Almost by chance, the founder of Ho-Ho-Kus, Incorporated met some people with expertise in government contracting that could help him. As with many industries, the military has a language and way of doing things all their own. If you don’t speak the language it is nearly impossible to be effective in securing any military business.

BUT… with the prospect of a downturn in the economy and many commercial OEMs moving offshore, the $800 Billion defense budget was just too large to ignore. If Ho-Ho-Kus, Incorporated could put a team of government contracting experts together for themselves, then why couldn’t that team also help other manufacturers do the same?

That idea became HK defense.

In addition to helping you get more business with the government we also want to offer a way to keep a thriving industrial and manufacturing base here in the USA. Small manufacturing businesses are the backbone of our industrial base and a major key to the innovation and imagination that has always set America apart.

We hope HK defense enables you to unleash your manufacturing potential.